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We Create Tail-Waggin Experiences

Waggin Tails has over 37 years of experience showering your dog with love and attention.

Why Choose Us

Your Dog Deserves More

At Waggin Tails, we pride ourselves on being more than groomers. Sure, we give your beloved family member the best cut around. But we believe grooming is more than a great haircut. It’s a complete experience where your dog and you are treated like part of the family every time you step through our doors.

Our History

Moorpark’s Dogs-Only Grooming Experts

While many groomers focus on caring for a variety of pets, we focus exclusively on dogs. Over our decades of experience in the industry, we’ve honed our grooming expertise to deliver an exceptional cut. But more importantly, we care for each furry client like they’re our own, creating a calming and caring environment that puts your dog and you at ease.

Quality Dog Grooming Services in Moorpark, CA

We offer a comprehensive menu of services designed to spoil your pet and leave them feeling and looking their best. Pets and pet parents in Moorpark love us, with 95% of our appointments coming from clients on recurring appointments. While other groomers can take a full day to groom your pet, we pride ourselves on quick services of about 2 hours, so you and your pet get in and out and on with your day. Discover the Waggin Tails difference for yourself.




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Enjoy Modern Grooming With a Vintage Touch

We believe in delivering doggone great service to your pet and you, the kind of friendly, caring service you’d expect from a bygone area. Our timeless approach to service is even reflected in the look of our shop, embracing the cheery and welcoming style of the 1940s. And though our look and customer service are reminiscent of a time gone by, our team is knowledgeable in modern practices of the pet grooming industry, helping your dog look and feel its best.